Less Than Three

Sometimes ❤ means like. Sometimes ❤ means love. Like the emotions it represents, sometimes ❤ gets complicated.

Fifteen-year-old Summer Day has a plan for the perfect school vacation until her mom drops the M-bomb on it. She wants Summer to do something ‘M-eaningful’ this year.

Could anything be more meaningful than gossiping with best friend Madison or hanging out with perfect boyfriend Brady? Summer skirts her mother’s demands by promising to construct a website–then launches a secret blog instead.

But when the most annoying boy in the universe keeps showing up in embarrassingly intimate situations, Brady grows jealous, and Summer turns to her blog readers for help.

They devise a plan, but everything backfires when the boy she thought she’d ALWAYS HATE reveals he knows the stories behind the stars, the lyrics to all of Summer’s favorite PaperKut songs and the s’mores-lined path that leads straight to her heart.

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